Steven W McKillop

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23C Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Staff, Materials Control Unit, Print Cataloging Section,Technical Services Division


Steve is a staff member of the Electronic Access Unit and supervises the Withdrawals and Transfers area.

Contact email for withdrawal and transfer issues and projects: 


Steve has worked in Withdrawals and Transfers since June 2007.


Steve is responsible for organizing the flow of materials through the withdrawal process which includes: editing bibliographic records, training and supervising student workers, coordination pickup by third party vendors and physically disposing of any remaining items withdrawn from the University Library collection. In addition to books Steve also withdraws CD's, DVD's, old computer floppy discs, all types of tapes and anything else needing to be withdrawn from the collection.

Steve is also responsible for editing the records of any items that need to be transferred to another location within the University Library, and sending them for labeling or directly to the new location. 

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