Stephanie Rosen

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209 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
Accessibility Specialist


As Accessibility Specialist, I help the University of Michigan Library promote equitable access to our resources for all users, regardless of ability or background. My responsibilities include leading library-wide engagement with accessibility, developing educational materials for staff and public, and collaborating with partners to advocate for accessible scholarship, publishing, and teaching. 


I have a PhD in English from the University of Texas at Austin and have worked at the intersection of accessibility and higher education since 2010. I earned a BA in English Language and Literature from U-M Ann Arbor in 2005; worked as an editor and translator in Buenos Aires from 2005-2008; and earned a Master's and PhD in English at UT Austin from 2008-2015. While at UT, I worked in the Digital Writing and Research Lab, a digital humanities lab with a long investment in accessibility, thanks to its co-founder John Slatin. There I served as Accessibility Specialist while also deepening my interest in disability studies. During my graduate studies I worked on various digital humanities projects and taught courses in feminist and queer studies, the history of science, and writing and literature at several institutions.


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