Stephen E Eberle

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1315 Duderstadt Ctr
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094
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Media Consultant: Digital Media Commons, Duderstadt Center


As a Media Consultant for the Digital Media Commons I specialize in all things video post production and media creation.  I consult with users regarding their media projects and video editing,  lead workshops teaching applications such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro and maintain the DMC Media Production resources such as the Multimedia Rooms and GroundWorks.  I consult with people and departments across the University in regards to their plans and implementation to provide media based services and resources for their clients and projects. When not helping clients, I'm researching the latest trends in media production, designing new media resources for our clients and helping out other DMC labs such as the Video Studio and Audio Studio.

If interested in gaining access to the Multimedia Rooms, setting up Video Editing Training for you class or department, learning about DMC Media Resources or Consulting contact me by email:   

Walk-In Orientations are at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM and start at GroundWorks, main floor of the Duderstadt Center.  Attending an orientation will show all our labs and get you access to the Multimedia Rooms and the V-Room.

Sign up for Workshops at:



Entering the field of Media Production in the early '90's I have witnessed a revolution in the way media creation is created, edited and presented.  It has been a fascinating journey learning to cut video on linear tape systems and capturing on analog video cameras, participating in the advent of computer based editing and the DV revolution, witnessing the birth of digital media on the web and now helping provide tools and resources to students and faculty that years ago we could only dream of.  

Apple Certified Pro:  Final Cut Pro 7, level two.     





  • Provide support for multimedia customers, including trainings, individual consulting, documentation, event support and maintenance of the Multimedia Workrooms, GroundWorks, Special Projects, Editing Stations and related areas.   
  • Maintain, upgrade, and research new tools for the Digital Media Common’s Multimedia Rooms, GroundWorks and related media production facilities.
  • Provide training and orientations for the supported tools in the Multimedia Rooms, GroundWorks and related media production facilities.   Training consists of comprehensive hands-on workshops, facility orientations and one-on-one training. 
  • Meet and consult with clients (Faculty, Students, and Staff) on their media productions to help guide them through the steps necessary and the resources available to help them achieve the goals of their production. 
  • Support activities and events in the Digital Media Common’s Media Production facilities such as the Video Studio, Gallery, Pod Casting Facilities and GROCS Lab.