Anna Ercoli Schnitzer

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Disability Issues and Outreach Librarian, Taubman Health Sciences Library


I am the contact for disability issues. I am in touch with individuals both on campus and in the community who are active and interested in the disability arena. I am also very interested and involved with all kinds of outreach activities, both in the community and within the University. I have worked at Taubman Health Sciences Library for many years, originally as a medical reference librarian and later as an outreach librarian and more recently as a disability issues librarian. I have written numerous papers for the library literature as well as a book chapter and have presented posters at various conferences, both nationally and internationally. A UM Distinguished Diversity Leader, I also coordinate the UM Council for Disability Concerns and serve as chair of the University's James T. Neubacher Award Committee.  In 2012 I was the recipient of the National Library of Medicine's annual Michael E. DeBakey Award for Library Outreach Services.  In 2012, I also received the Ann Arbor Chronicle's annual Bezonki Award, which was given: "In recognition of her advocacy--not for helping those with disabilities, but for helping find the abilities in all of us. Her work with the University of Michigan and in the community goes beyond a vocation--it is a passion that benefits us all." 



My background consists of academic work in English and French literature, an all-but dissertation Master's in English literature, a Master's in Library Science and lots of experience in both general and medical editing. I was once the Associate Editor of two editions of "The Encyclopaedia of Information Systems and Services," with Anthony T. Kruzas, and have held a variety of positions in editing medical transcription throughout the years.


I have served as the Chair of the Neubacher Award Committee for the past dozen years. It is a subgroup of the Council for Disability Concerns that each year recognizes those in the UM community, including alumni/ae, who have raised awareness about disability issues. I am also a member of the all-campus Integrated Disability Advisory Committee, a Wellness Champion for the Health Sciences Libraries, and a "big blogger."