Kelly Witchen

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839 Greene St 1210 Buhr Bldg
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-3209
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Digital Publishing Coordinator


I work in the digital publishing unit of MPublishing, formerly the Scholarly Publishing Office, as a Digital Publishing Coordinator. I am responsible for the management, performance, and completion of digital publishing projects, including overseeing the publication of all new journal issues and monograph titles. This involves the conversion of various scholarly materials to a standardized digital format.


I received my BA in English from Ohio State University.


  • Communicate with publishing partners regarding content and features of online publications
  • Develop and maintain a publication schedule
  • Convert and prepare materials for online publication according to documented procedures, including creation of metadata, formatting of text documents, and running scripts to convert from PDF, QuarkXPress, or Microsoft Word format (among others)
  • Proofread for obvious structural, grammatical, or stylistic errors
  • Edit and create small web sites for publications using existing HTML and CSS templates