JoAnn M Sears

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3042 Shapiro Library
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1185
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Mathematics, Statistics (Mathematical), and Science Librarian


I’m the librarian for the Mathematics and Statistics Departments; people in these departments should consider me a primary contact for their information needs (library overview sessions, broken e-journal links, recommendations to purchase books, etc.). I also build the collections in the areas of mathematics, statistics, general science, and the history of science.


I have worked at the University of Michigan Science Library since 2002. Prior to that, I was a Science & Technology Reference Librarian at Auburn University for four years. I obtained my M.L.S. degree from Indiana University and my B.S. degree, in mathematics education, from Purdue University.


I am the Coordinator of Science Collections, so I work with my colleagues--both in the Science Library and across the library system--on a variety of digital and print collection matters.