Jean Song

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1135 E. Catherine St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5726
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Assistant Director, Academic and Clinical Engagement, Taubman Health Sciences Library


Jean Song is the Assistant Director for Academic and Clinical Engagement at the Taubman Health Sciences Library. She started in the Taubman Health Sciences Library (THL) in 1997 at the Public Health Library & Informatics and moved to Pfizer Global Research and Development where she worked with document management and adverse event reporting systems. She returned to the THL in 2005 and currently a team focused on deep curricular and clinical integration throughout the health sciences disciplines through library-led instruction, expert and systematic searching, and research.

MSI, University of Michigan 1997; BS, Stanford University 1995


  • Assistant Director, Academic and Clinical Engagement
    • ACE Team Reponsibilities
      • Global Health Coordinator
      • Guideline searching
      • Systematic revews
      • Curricular integration
  • Biostatistics Liaison
  • Member
    • Technology Alignment Steering Committee
    • National Institutes of Health Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) Library Support Group
    • Grant Funding Triage Support Group
  • Medical Library Association
    • Continuing Education Committee
    • Medical Informatics Section
    • Research Section
    • Molbio Special Interest Group