Jacques Mersereau

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1315 Duderstadt Ctr
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094
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Video Studio Managing Producer


 Jacques Mersereau currently has over thirty years in the entertainment industry.

Jacques currently runs the University of Michigan Digital Media Commons Video Studio, a black-box, multimedia, performance and experimental television production theatre. There he collaborates with wide variety of clients to transform ideas and dreams from 'blank paper' all the way through the creative process until they are finally recorded to produce broadcast quality HD video and audio to be shared with the world.


Jacques Mersereau's musical career began in 1980 as a horn player in SLK, one of America's very first Ska bands that play original material and headlined concerts before thousands of it own fans besides opening shows for The Clash, Peter Tosh, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo and others.  When SLK broke up in 1985, Jacques' talent as an audio engineer led to a successful career in both live audio and studio recording.  He produced Groove Spoon's, "Psychic Gyration" which won a Detroit Music Award in 1996.

In 2002, Jacques and his partner and better half, Christi Vedejs, produced and directed the Emmy Award winning documentary, "An Osprey Homecoming", which also garnered a Finalist Award at the 2005 International Wildlife Film Festival beating out entries from The BBC, CBC and Japan's NHK.

Jacques has finished two feature length movie scripts. The first, "Evil Exists" would require many millions to produce.  The second, "The Bedmate",  Jacques is  hoping to self produce for theaterical release.


EVIL EXISTS logline:

Years after witnessing her Father's savage murder, a young woman heads to college unaware she holds an ancient relic he unearthed in Africa, The Ring of King Solomon, a Biblical talisman that evil forces need to destroy mankind. Do not ask why - "EVIL EXISTS."

THE BEDMATE logline:

After she accidentally kills her abusive father, a guilt-ridden debutante, plagued by demonic visions, scream dreams and epilepsy, is pressured to enroll in law school. There she encounters culture shock, more death, and must even suffer demonic possession to ultimately discover her true destiny - that her pain is actually her power - "The Bedmate."