Ryan N Wilcox

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1315 Duderstadt Ctr
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094
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Media Equipment Specialist


Ryan has been doing video and film production since the age of 14. He directed, stared and helped to produce 3 different sketch comedy shows throughout high school, college, and into his professional life. He studied Mass Communication at North Carolina State University with a minor in Film studies. He has been at the Duderstadt Center since 2001. Ryan's wife, whom he always brags about, is a comic book artist and does licensed work with Lucasfilm, DC and Marvel Comics, as well as Fraggle Rock and Jim Henson's Storytellers. His status as a big nerd helps in both his media work at the University and in assisting his wife's career. 


Ryan is here to help with your media needs. As a consultant at the Duderstadt Center, he is available to meet with and discuss your projects. If you have an idea that involves, video, film, sound or animation. He can meet with you to determine what work needs to be done to complete such a task, as well as discuss how the resources at the Dude can be utilized to meet the needs of your project. He is an Apple certified expert in Final Cut Pro, and has over 25 years experience in Video and film production. Ryan has also helped to pick out equipment for facilities on campus who are looking to create media for their facility as well. Looking to make a podcasting facility, Ryan is your man. Looking to make the perfect demo reel to show off your talents. He can help you see this through from script to screen.