Harry Todd

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104 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Information Resources Assistant Intermediate


Assist in the operation of the Circulation Desk, interpret circulation and bibliographic questions on the part of patrons and staff, retrieve requests, process daily shipments from the Buhr Shelving Facility.


Forty-odd years of library and bookstore experience, including about twelve years at the Centicore Bookshop and University Cellar. I've been employed at the Graduate Library since 1988 when I was hired as the Circulation Department's Head Searcher.


As the Circulation search specialist I spend much of my time trying to locate materials not found in the normal course of patron request retrieval. In addition I work with staff in other departments to resolve problems they may encounter in loacating materials needed for correction, cataloguing, etc.  I try also to identify records in need of correction or amplifcation and bring them to the attention of the appropriate persons.