Colin Gross

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300 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Applications Programmer


I come from a biological sciences background that began with microbiology at Michigan State University and most recently included six years of work at the National Cancer Institute producing adoptive cell therapy treatments for patients with metastatic cancer.  Writing software has always been an key tool in my approaches to science, information, and work.


Ideally, a research data repository would be a platform that makes publishing, sharing, and using data sets easy and intuitive.  A product that makes progress towards those goals and is easy enough to use right off the bat would be a good start.  My job is to do the programming for such a platform.  Using the Hydra framework ( to build rails applications that allow researchers to publish, share, and use research data is what occupies most of my time.

In addition to the the technical aspects of research data sharing, I would like to help build a community that has a good common set of conventions for how they organize their data.  This would allow people to build tools for working with research data that followed the community patterns.