Eric C Maslowski

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1365 Duderstadt Ctr
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094
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Director, Creative Applications. Co-Director, Digital Media Commons


This section of the profile is probably the most difficult for me to complete as I wear many different hats and have many short, I am someone with an insatiable curiosity for anything creative and find myself drawn to people/activities that nuture the "maker" and "life-learner" spirit. Much of my passion and drive stems from this need to create but is also supported by my desire to find creative solutions and participating in collaborative experiences.

Having worked with someone from practically every vertical market and department on campus, combined with my own passion for learning and exploring, I have developed a fairly complete skill set for all things digital (and few that are not). I have always been someone who has followed my personal and professional interests while remaining loyal to those that depend on me and developing a unique skill set along the way. The best way to get a sense of what I do is to browse through the various projects listed on the University of Michigan 3D Lab site, my personal site or strike up a conversation with me over a good beer, food, or open air.


My responsibilities include consulting with researchers, establishing efficient development strategies digital media commons technologies and services, and overseeing project development efforts in the 3d lab and audio studio.