Matthew Burke De Genaro

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205 Hatcher Graduate Library
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Learning Space Technology Consultant


I am a Learning Space Technology Consultant working in Connected Scholarship to provide technical support for the Specialized Labs of the University of Michigan Library. The Specialized Labs are used by library staff from across the Library and include ScholarSpace, Hatcher Gallery, Hatcher Gallery Lab, Clark Lab, University Library Instructional Center (ULIC), and Shapiro Design Lab. I joined the Connected Scholarship team in Dec 2016 to contribute to the ongoing initiatives of this department of Learning and Teaching.





I have 27 years of experience with computing technology support in an enterprise environment. I had worked for 19 years in the Duderstadt Center in the role of supporting the specialized computing labs there since the building was opened. I built the Groundworks Lab and the Postershop. Prior to working for the Univerisity of Michigan, I was Network Administrator for the City of Ann Arbor for eight years. Education: 1984 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA, 1981 Reed College BAPhillips Exeter Academy.

Also, I have an MFA in Fine Art and 40 years as a working artist. You can visit my artblog at:



Commitment to evolving workgroup collaboration and computer systems integration among the varied component labs and staff which make up Connected Scholarship. Provide excellent end-user computing services to the University’s students, faculty, and staff. Promote a collaborative multi-disciplinary technology services workplace which meets the needs of the campus community.

Provide technical support for specialized labs in Hatcher and Shapiro libraries. Provide technical support for the Library Gallery events and programs in collaboration with library Operations. Engage with programmatic needs and Specialized Lab stakeholders. Provide technical support for special projects and time-sensitive support requests as needed. Contribute to Connected Scholarship’s program initiatives, planning and assessment, and outreach.

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