Photo of 3-D visualization.

UM3D Lab

Room 1365, Duderstadt Center
2281 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094
(734) 615-9699 (p)
The UM3D Lab provides students, facutly and staff with access to technologies, expertise and education in cutting-eduge computer modeling and visualization, including:
  • Advanced 3-D modeling, animation and simulation
  • Open access 3-D printing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Motion capture
  • Scanning and virtualization of physical objects
  • Application development
  • Support and consultation through every stage of a project's life cycle 

Curious? Come See Us

The lab has an open door policy and welcomes visitors Monday through Friday, 9 a..m to 6 p.m.
A formal open house is held the second Friday of every semester.

More About Our Offerings

Photo of 3-D printed material.3-D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

The lab offers a wide range of additive manufacturing and 3-D printing technologies to help you create physical versions of your digital creations. We provide you with the technology and support needed to do what you do best — bring great ideas into reality: medical devices, mechanical parts, architectural designs, art work, etc.
If you have a design you want printed, you can learn more about the process and submit your model at the UM3D Lab website. We will take care of the dirty work, allowing you to pick up your creation when it's ready.
However, if you want to get your hands dirty and print yourself, we have a new collection of 3-D printers that are open-access, easy to operate, and free to use. More information on getting started can be found on the UM3D Lab website.
Photo of 3-D visualization.Advanced Visualization

Perhaps you have volumetric data of solar winds, an architectural space that needs to be experienced before being built, or even the desire to simulate mass casualty scenarios for training first responders. We can help you take a wide range of data and display it in ways that allow for easier exploration, communication, and discovery — whether for research, education, or creative activities.
The lab offers a wide range of services related to visualization including training and workshops, consultation and planning, image and animation generation, interactive experiences, and custom tool development. To learn more about advanced visualization at the lab, visit the UM3D Lab website.
Photo of motion capture session.Motion Capture

Tracking precise movements in three-dimensional space can be a challenging process. The lab offers several options for capturing accurate movements of objects or people through space. Whether you’re interested in capturing differences in movement patterns, identifying stress on an architectural form, or controlling autonomous robots, data from the system can be used for analysis, applied to digital characters or objects, used to control devices, preserved for posterity, or help you obtain greater insights into the object of your investigation. To learn more about motion capture, visit the UM3D Lab website.
Photo of 3-D scanning in progress.3-D Scanning

Working with digital tools, there are times when you need to reference real world objects, or sometimes it’s better to start with a digital version of what you want to create in order to modify it. Our scanners allow you to scan a physical object and generate a 3-D model — which can then be sculpted, measured, archived, or duplicated. Whether you have interest in engines, faces, potatoes, or insects, our scanners can quickly get your objects into digital form. To learn more about 3-D scanning, visit the UM3D Lab website.
Illustration of toolbox.Project Development

Not sure where to start? Do you have an idea but are looking for expert advice? The lab provides a wide range of support services including training, workshops and course integration. We can consult with you at any stage in a project's life cycle, and assist with the development of visually rich applications and tools for multiple platforms — mobile, web, virtual reality. One of our greatest joys is seeing your project succeed whether we’re directly involved or not. You can explore some of our past projects at UM3D Lab website. Let us know how we can help with your next project.
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