Second Floor

Second floor

The second floor contains all of the Library of Congress classified books (the call number begins with letters instead of numbers.) The only exception to this are the reference books which are found on the first floor. The upstairs tends to have the more recent titles. There are also two chairs which provide a beautiful view of Douglas Lake out the front windows. An ideal place to study on a hot day!

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The library collection at UMBS dates back to the beginning of the Biological Station (1909) and includes volumes from the 1800s and is continually updated with new titles. The collection is primarly dedicated to natural history and the biological sciences, however it does include small collections in such diverse areas as photography, literature, and anthropology. With over 10,000 volumes this makes it one of the best field station libraries in the world.

Along with the volumes we store at the library, researchers and students have access to the complete electronic catalog through University of Michigan Libraries.

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Biological Station Library: Services

  • Book Purchase Request Form - Submit a request for titles not currently owned by Library that would be beneficial to Biological Station research
  • Interlibrary Loan - Request a title not available here from UM Library ILL department
  • Library Instruction - A description of the various instructional services available to those living at UMBS
  • Library Outages- Information about database and service outages as well as a form to report outages experienced
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Biological Station Library: Resources

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Floor Plans

Floor Plans of the Biological Station Library

First Floor

  • Librarian's desk
  • Current Unbound Periodicals
  • Book/Journal Stacks (Dewey Decimal collection continued)
  • Atlas, Oversize, & Reference Collections
  • Map Cabinets
  • Computer Access Stations
  • Course Reserve Tables
  • Reprint Files
  • Cage (secured cabinet for Special Collections)
  • Microfiche Readers


The annex of the library contains most of the items classified with Dewey classification numbers. (This means that the call number begins with a number instead of a letter). This room also contains the oldest part of the collection of the library, with titles going back to the 1800s.

  • Photocopier
  • Laptop with internet access
  • New Books shelves
  • Book/journal stacks (Dewey Decimal collection)

Second Floor

The second floor houses all the books, aside from the reference collection, that are categorized with LC call numbers. (This means that the call numbers begin with letters as opposed to numbers). This area contains most of the newer books of the collection.

  • Book/journal stacks (Library of Congress [LC])
  • Seating for private study
  • Mac with Mirlyn access
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some books have call numbers that begin with numbers and others that begin with letters?

The Station Library has two call number schemes: Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress (LC).

  • Dewey Decimal call numbers begin with a number followed by a sequence of letters/numbers. An example of this is 556.7 .H23
  • Library of Congress call numbers begin with one or more letters, followed by a number and then one or more sequences of letters/numbers. An example of this is QK 381 .S931

Can I get books or journal articles from the Ann Arbor campus, if they are unavailable at the Station Library?

Yes, you can get materials from the main campus. However, this service is only available during the summer session.
You can submit an ILL request by contacting the Librarian. If you are a graduate student you can also request articles through the ILL website. All book requests should go to the Librarian so that your delivery preferences will not need to be changed from Ann Arbor. Before submitting a request, use Mirlyn to determine the Library and the call number of the book or journal. Delivery time ranges from 5-10 days. The fastest delivery time occurs for items located at the Science Library.
If you want an item located outside of the University of Michigan Library system, be prepared to wait three weeks or more. Because of this delay, such requests are discouraged unless it is early in the session.

How do I find books on a subject?

The Library has four computer terminals (see the First floor map) that provide access to Mirlyn (UM's online library catalog). You can access Mirlyn from any Internet computer.

From the main screen of Mirlyn, search the catalog by any of the choices in the drop-down box on the main search page. General access to books on a certain subject is best accomplished by a keyword search (Word(s) anywhere). Specific instructions on all aspects of searching Mirlyn are provided on handouts located on a table in front of the main desk.

How do I find journal articles on a subject?

The U of M Library system provides access to various online indexes of scientific journal literature. Try the lists at Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Databases (Search Tools) and Natural Resources and Environment Databases (Search Tools). Also, handouts on some databases are available on a table in front of the main desk.

Where can I find student papers, reprints of published papers, or dissertations/theses that relate to the Station?

The best way to access student papers is through Deep Blue (the institutional repository for UM). You can select collection and then Biological Station to search only the papers that have been done at the Biological Station.

In addition reprints of published papers--either from work done at the Station or that which relates to northern Michigan--are located in file cabinets in the Library, next to the main desk (First floor map).

Dissertations/theses are located in Bob Vande Kopple's office in Lakeside Lab.

I am having a problem with the copier. How do I.....?

Issues related to the photocopier are handled by the Administrative Office. You must receive a five digit code from this Office before you can make copies.

I'm having problems connecting with the Internet. How do I.....?

You may need to manually add the network "bugcamp" if you are not automatically picking it up. If the Librarian cannot help you please ask the IT specialist in LaRue computer lab.

Does the Library have videos and DVDs?

Yes. We have a collection of both which can be searched for using Mirlyn advanced search. Choose whichever format you would like and search for that title. When you get your results on the side you can choose to limit it to Biological Station titles.

When does the Library receive new books?

The Library receives new books on an irregular basis. When new books are received they are immediately placed on the new book shelf in the back of the annex.

Are the new books placed directly on the shelf?

Journal issues and books are received continuously throughout the year. All items received since the previous year are shelved and ready for use in the Station Library near the beginning of the Spring Session. During the Summer Session, additional books and journal issues are sent up as they become available. New books are placed on the New Books shelves located on the west wall of the Annex (Annex map). 

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