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Online Outlining & Mindmapping Tools

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Date/Time: July 9, 2008
Title: Online Outlining & Mindmapping Tools
Presenter: Patricia Anderson


Text of Slides:

  1. Online Outliners & Mindmapping Tools PF Anderson, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Taubman Health Sciences Library, © 2008 Regents of the University of Michigan. All rights reserved.
  2. Outliners & Graphic Thought Organizers • Tools to introduce concepts of structured thinking • Tools to use for outlining and writing support • Most free, best fee
  3. Outliners: Persuasion Map • persuasion_map/
  4. Outliners: Persuasion Map • Advance organizer • Reminders of process and place in process
  5. Outliners: LooseStitch •
  6. Outliners: LooseStitch
  7. Slide
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