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Deep Blue General Presentation

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Date/Time: Oct. 5, 2007
Title: Deep Blue General Presentation
Presenter: James Ottaviani - University Librarian


Text of Slides:

  1. DEEPBLUE Your work: cited more, safe forever. It’s simple. © 2007 Regents of the University of Michigan. All rights reserved. Jim Ottaviani
  2. History and context…
  3. Context and planning…
  4. [1] Your work: cited more… A footnoted postcard?! Yes. It cites the 2005 IEEE study of 1,307,038 articles showing that articles in systems like Deep Blue… “…have consistently more citations, the advantage being 25%-250%
  5. [2] Safe forever (Preservation)… Level 1: Highest Well known formats w/open standards (e.g. TIFF); we will both preserve and migrate Level 2: Limited Well known, but not open, formats (e.g. Microsoft Word); we will preserve and, if we can, migrate Level 3: As-is 01000100111000 in, 01000100111000 out…
  6. [3] It’s simple… Deposit: Describe Your Item
  7. No, really. It is simple The license, in less than 50 words: It’s my work, and UM can distribute and preserve it via Deep Blue. Those are UM’s only rights, and they’re non-exclusive. I can distribute and preserve it too, and more besides, because the work’s still mine; if I used somebody else’s work in it, I got the necessary permissions.
  8. The Director’s Cut
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