How do I find online journals in a subject, e.g., hypertension?


There are two ways to approach this problem:
  1. Go to Search Tools, and in the left hand column in the section labeled "Online Journals" click on the link labeled "Search". You will be taken to an interface which will allow you to search the online journals by keyword (e.g., "hypertension").  Note that there are also links to browse titles alphabetically, or browse them by subject.
  2. In Mirlyn Library Catalog, enter your subject, i.e., hypertension (under the default setting the system will search "All Fields"; if this returns too many results, try changing the search type to "Subject"). Check the box labeled "Limit to Available online".
    Once your search is complete look in the left column (headed "Refine Search") for the section labeled "Format". In this column click on "Journal" to restrict your results to journals ("Serial" is a broader term that includes other formats such as conference proceedings). This should present you with only journals available on line in your subject area.

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