Dentistry program expenses in 1900

The following description of the Dentistry Program is taken from the School of Dentistry's "Announcement" of 1900-1901, pp. 26-28.  Incoming students were informed of the expenses they could expect to incur during their course of study.


MATRICULATION FEE.—For Michigan students, ten dollars; for all others, twenty-five dollars.

ANNUAL FEE.—For Michigan students, thirty-five dollars; for all others, forty-five dollars.

DIPLOMA FEE.—For all alike, ten dollars.

LABORATORY EXPENSES.—Chemical Laboratory.—Students are required to pay for the materials and apparatus consumed by them. The average expense for the required course is about ten dollars. Histological Laboratory.—A charge of seven dollars is made for materials used in this laboratory. Anatomical Laboratory.—A charge of ten dollars is made for materials used in dissection. A fee of three dollars is charged to cover the expense of gas, plaster of paris, wear and tear of laboratory supplies, and clinical facilities each year.

The following table will indicate the necessary expenses of a student, who is not a resident of Michigan, for each year. The expense to residents of Michigan will be $25 less the first year and $10 less for each subsequent year. To determine the total expense of any year, it will only be necessary to add the usual expenses of living for forty weeks, and including traveling expenses, charities, pleasures, etc. Board in Ann Arbor is to be had at all prices, from $3 per week up. The average for respectable board, room and washing will vary from $4 to $6. The instruments, tools and books in this table should not be considered college expenses, as they are unperishable and necessary for practice after graduating.

Freshman Year
Tuition Fees ($25.00, matriculation; $45.00, annual) $70.00
Dental Laboratory Fee $3.00
Dental Laboratory tools $50.00
Books $20.00
Material used in Dental Laboratory $7.00

Junior Year

Tuition Fee (annual). $45.00
Dissecting Ticket $10.00
Chemical Laboratory Ticket $10.00
Histological Laboratory $7.00
Dental Laboratory $3.00
Books $20.00
Tools and materials used in Dental Laboratory $5.00

Senior Year

Tuition Fee (annual) $45.00
Laboratory and Clinical Room Fee $3.00
Diploma Fee $10.00
Instruments for Operating $125.00
Books $12.00

TOTAL EXPENSES.—The average total expenses of a student of Dentistry including University fees, board, books, etc., are from three hundred dollars and upward for the college year of nine months, depending on the habits and tastes of individuals. The costs of instruments and tools necessary for the entire course of three years will be about one hundred and fifty dollars. By distinguishing this amount over three years fifty dollars will be added to this estimate for each year, but this cannot be properly considered a college expense, as the tools are not perishable and are necessary for practice.

To avoid embarrassment, freshmen students, not residents of Michigan, MUST come prepared to spend during the first week for college, fees, books, and tools, $150; Michigan students will require $125. In addition, at least the first month’s board should be provided, estimated at from four to six dollars per week. Traveling and incidental expenses should not be included in the above.

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