Dentistry Library in 1940

Dentisty Library 1940

In 1908, the School of Dentistry moved into a brand new building on North University Street, the first time in its history that the School had a home built specifically for its own use.  It remained in use until 1969, when it was replaced on the same site by the current Dental School Building

The library was a prominent feature on the ground floor, and this photograph shows the main reading room as it appeared in February 1940.  The library became a divisional of the University of Michigan Libraries in 1918 and in 1929, with the aid of a 5-year gift from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, added a second fulltime librarian, and the first with professional training. This librarian, Inez Bowler, recatalogued the holdings according to the Library of Congress system and researched the dentistry literature so that the library could develop a comprehensive collection. During this period, the Dentistry Library collected every important work on its subject, including journals, theses, pamphlets, and rare books, and was considered one of the finest dentistry libraries in the world.

By 1940, when this photo was taken, the dentistry collection held over 7200 volumes, and the University Library system as a whole had surpassed one million items.

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Photo: Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry
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