Dentistry facilities in 1900

The following description of the Dentistry Program is taken from the School of Dentistry's "Announcement" of 1900-1901, pp. 20-21.  This document describes the library and museum facilities which distinguished the University of Michigan. (See photo of the library reading room at this time)


Among the facilities of special interest to students of dentistry the following may be mentioned:


The Dental Museum is supplied with a large number of anatomical, physiological, pathological, and histological preparations, including a series illustrating dentition from infancy to the completion of the process in the adult, and the normal changes through life to old age, and also illustrative of the dental and osseous tissues. Preparations, natural and artificial, greatly facilitate the study of the nervous and vascular systems. The design is to make every practicable appliance in this direction available.

The museum has been enriched by the generosity of Professor C.L. Ford, who contributed his entire collection of crania and ondontological specimens, making it perhaps the best of its kind in this country.


The library of dental science, containing almost every known work on this specialty, including a nearly complete file of every Dental Journal published , is shelved in the dental building, where it is accessible to all students. A finely appointed reading room is an important feature connected with the library. Twenty-four dental journals are regularly received.

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