Dentistry curriculum in 1900 (4-year program)

The following description of the Dentistry Program is taken from the School of Dentistry's "Announcement" of 1900-1901, pp. 9-10.  This four-year program had just been designed as an alternative to the standard three-year program.

The Board of Regents at a meeting held May 17, 1900, authorized the Dental Faculty to provide a curriculum for a four years’ course in Dentistry in place of the present three years’ course, to be inaugurated with the session beginning in 1901, and also, at the same time, to make the educational requirements for admission to the Dental Course; a diploma from an accredited High School or other school of similar standing; or the equivalent of either in examination.
The following arrangement of the curriculum for the four years course will outline, as far as it is practicable to do so at the present time, the order and scope of work to be covered by the course. For the first year the fundamental studies will be pursued entirely, to the exclusion of technical subjects.
Subjects Hours
Lecture course in General Osteology and Anatomy, 100
Lecture course in General Inorganic Chemistry, 85
Lecture course in Organic Chemistry, 51
Lecture course in Embryology and Histology, 100
The following laboratory courses of nine weeks each, or 180 actual hours for each course, will accompany and supplement the lecture courses: Dissection, Qualitative Chemistry, and Histology.


Subject Hours
Lecture course in Bacteriology, 85
Laboratory course in Bacteriology, 180
Lecture course in Physiology, 136
Lecture course in General and Electrical Physics, 100
Demonstration course in Prosthetic Technics, 100
Laboratory work in Prosthetic Technics, 600


Subject Hours
Lecture course in Dental Materia Medica, 70
Lecture course in Dental Operative Principles, 34
Lecture course in Dental Anatomy and Operative Technics, 50
Laboratory course in Dental Anatomy and Operative Technics, 180
Lecture course in General and Histological Pathology, 50
Laboratory course in Histological Pathology, 180
Lecture course in Regional Anatomy and Surgical Principles, 34
Laboratory course in Regional Anatomy and Operative Surgery, 180
Lecture course in Dental Metallurgy, 34
Laboratory course in Dental Metallurgy,          180
Lecture course in Orthodontia, 34
Laboratory course in Orthodontia Technics, 180


Subject Hours
Lecture course in Operative Dentistry, 34
Clinical course in Operative Dentistry, 500
Lecture course in Prosthetic Dentistry, 34
Clinical course in Prosthetic Dentistry, 300
Clinical lecture course in Oral Surgery, 68
Lecture course in Dental Pathology and Surgery,         75
Lecture course in Dental Therapeutics, 34

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