Community Outreach

The Taubman Health Sciences Library serves the University of Michigan Medical School, Schools of Public Health, Nursing, Dentistry, College of Pharmacy and the University of Michigan Health System. Our "Healthy Communities" program is the external community engagement portion of our outreach services. We assist public health workers, public libraries, community-based organizations, and the general public.

The mission of outreach for the Taubman Health Sciences Library is to promote the health of our community by way of improving access to high quality health information, with an emphasis on underserved communities and the elimination of health disparities.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region NN/LM GMR
The NN/LM GMR is one of eight regional medical libraries in the U.S. that supports the goal of providing equal access to biomedical information for health care professionals and members of the general public through collaborations with medical and public libraries and community based organizations.



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Last modified: 04/23/2019