Taubman Medical Library - Selected list of Homeopathy materials (pt. 2)

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Midwifery/Pregnancy/ObGyn back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number


Complementary therapies for pregnancy and childbirth / edited by Denise Tiran and Sue Mack

Taubman Medical RG 661 .C6561 2000

Leadam, Thomas Robinson

Homoeopathy as applied to the diseases of females and the most important diseases of early childhood

Buhr Shelving Facility 618 L43 - In Preservation

Ludlam, R.

Medical and surgical lectures on the diseases of women: a clinical and systematic treatise

Buhr Shelving Facility 618.1 L94

Hinsdale, W. B. 

The school girl and college woman as a clinical study

Bentley Historical FImu C101

Jahr, G. H. G.

The homœopathic treatment of the diseases of females and infants at the breast 

Electronic Resources & Taubman Medical FILM Me272(3)

Miller, Adam

Plain talk to the sick, with directions for homœopathic treatment and general rules for the preservation of health. Also an appendix on the diseases of women, containing an exposé of the impositions practiced upon innocent sufferers by men in high places

FILM Me343(3)

Pulte, Joseph Hippolyt

Woman’s medical guide; containing essays on the physical, moral and educational development of females, and the homeopathic treatment of their diseases

Taubman Medical 618 P98 & FILM Me130(1)


Veterinary back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

W. T. Fernie

Animal simples; approved for modern uses of cure

Taubman Medical 615.3 F37  & FILM Me148(3)

Halsey, Clinton S.

Halsey’s homœopathic guide. For families, travelers, missionaries, pioneers, miners, farmers, stock raisers, horse owners, dog fanciers, poultry keepers ...

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 H196h


A manual of homœopathic veterinary practice : designed for horses, all kinds of domestic animals and fowls: prescribing their proper treatment when injured or diseased, and their particular care

Buhr Shelving Facility  619 B672 1878

Günther, F.A.

New manual of homoeopathic veterinary medicine : or, the homoeopathic treatment of the horse, the ox, the sheep, the dog, and other domestic animals

Buhr Shelving Facility 619 G98 &
FILM Me275(5 )


Mental Health back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

Hering, Constantine

Analytical repertory of the symptoms of the mind

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.1 H55 &
FILM Me281(1 )


Handbook of complementary and alternative therapies in mental health/ edited by Scott Shannon

Taubman Medical RC 480.5 .H2753 2002

Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth.

Prozac-free : homeopathic alternatives to conventional drug therapies

Taubman Medical RX 301 .M45 R4471 2002


Dictionary/Directory back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number


The British and foreign homœopathic medical directory and record / edited by George Atkin.

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.93 B76 & FILM Me293(3 )

Ruddock, E. H.

The clinical directory, chapter on poisons, etc.: being parts V. and VI. of the "Text book of modern medicine and surgery on homœopathic principles”

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.08 R91 & FILM Me250(4 )


International homoeopathic medical directory.

Taubman 610.91 I


The Medical visitor.

Buhr Shelving Facility H610.5 M5 V83

Ruddock, E. H.

The stepping-stone to homœopathy and health. With notes by the American editor.

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 R91s 1906 & FILM Me348(6)

Yasgur, Jay.

Yasgur’s homeopathic dictionary, and Holistic health reference

Taubman Medical Reference RX 41 .Y371 1998

Clarke, John Henry

The prescriber : a dictionary of the new therapeutics

Buhr Shelving Facility 615 C6 & FILM Me279(3)

Clarke, John Henry

A dictionary of domestic medicine. Giving a description of diseases, directions for their general management and homoopathic treatment, with a special section on diseases of infants.

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 C59 R & FILM Me21(1)

Laurie, Joseph

Homœopathic domestic medicine. Thoroughly rev. & brought down to the present time, to which is added a dictionary of medical terms & treatment. By R. S. Gutteridge.

FILM Me21(1)


Education/Schools/Textbooks back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

W. J. Hawkes

Characteristic indications of prominent remedies for the use of students of materia medica and therapeutics

Buhr Shelving Facility & Taubman Medical 615.1 H39 B &
FILM Me59(1,2)

Cate, William Mellen

The child of promise The Isaac of medicine and Ishmael, the half brother : being a comprehensive glance at the instincts and predilections of the rival schools of medicine

Taubman Medical 615.53 C36 &
FILM Me80(6)

J. Herbert Moore

The continuance of Homoeopathy as a distinctive school of medicine

Taubman Medical 615.53 M81 &
FILM Me98 (8 )

University of Michigan

Homoeopathic Medical School (University of Michigan) publications

Bentley Historical 017 Bimu C101 2

Royal, George

Text-book of homeopathic theory and practice of medicine

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.08 R888t

Grauvogl, Eduard von

Textbook of Homeopathy

Buhr Shelving Facility H610 G77

Beckwith, D. H

The history of the Western college of homeopathic medicine from 1850-1860

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.7173 C63 B & FILM Me30(1)


Hospitals back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

Rogers, Naomi

An alternative path : the making and remaking of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia

Electronic Resource & Taubman Medical 
R 747 .H23 R641 1998

American Institute of Homeopathy

Hospitals & sanatoriums of the homoeopathic school of medicine...

Taubman Medical 613.5 A51h

British Homoeopathic Society

Annals and transactions of the British Homoeopathic Society, and of the London Homoeopathic Hospital

Buhr Shelving Facility H610.5 B86 H77t

Shipman, George Elias

Homoeopathy, allopathy, and the City Hospital; a legend of the XIXth century

Taubman Medical 610.9 S557


The Medical institute of the Hahnemann medical college, Philadelphia, Pa.

Buhr Shelving Facility H610.5 M5 I6

American Institute of Homeopathy

Hospitals & sanatoriums of the homoeopathic school of medicine...

Taubman Medical 613.5 A51h


Homeopathy vs. Allopathy back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

Marcy, E. E

Homoeopathy and allopathy : reply to "An examination of the doctrines and evidences of homoeopathy, by Worthington Hooker, M.D."

Electronic Resources & FILM Me246(7)

Hastings, Hugh

A retrospect of allopathy & homoeopathy for the last thirty years, with cases

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.53 H36

Hands, Joseph

Homoeopathy and other modern systems contrasted with allopathy. Also a treatise on diets and digestion.

Taubman Medical 

FILM Me94 (1)

Coulter, Harris L

Homoeopathic influences in nineteenth-century allopathic therapeutics; a historical and philosophical study 

Taubman Medical RX 51 .C86


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann- father of homeoepathic medicine back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

Hobhouse, Rosa (Waugh)

Christian Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homoeopathy

Taubman Medical RX 66 .H15 H68

Hahnemann, Samuel

The chronic diseases, their peculiar nature and their homœopathic cure.

Taubman Medical 616.08 H15c Q4 & FILM Me185(1-4)

Hahnemann, Samuel

Materia medica pura

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.1 H15r K6 - In Preservation

Hahnemann, Samuel

Organon of homoeopathic medicine

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.53 H15 &
FILM Me288(2)

Hahnemann, Samuel

Organon of the art of healing

Taubman Medical Rare Books RX 31 .H153 1881

Leo-Wolf, William

Remarks on the abracadabra of the nineteenth century : or on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s homeopathic medicine, with particular reference to Dr. Constantine Hering’s "Concise view of the rise and progress of homoeopathic medicine,"

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.53 L59 - In Preservation


German back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number


Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung 

Electronic Resources 

Jahr, G. H. G.

Alphabetisches Repertorium der Hautsymptome und äusseren Substanzveränderungen, nebst den Erscheinungen an den Drüsen, Knochen, Schleimhäuten und Blutgefässen

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.1 J25 – In Preservation & 
FILM Me316(2)

Dr. Weil

Anleitung zur diätetischen krankenpflege mit besonderer rücksicht auf das homöopathische heilverfahren : für laien ; nebst einer kurzen übersicht über die homöopatische heilmethode

Buhr Shelving Facility 613.2 W42 - In Preservation &
FILM Me240(5)

Lutze, Arthur

Dr. Arthur Lutze’s Lehrbuch der Homöopathie. Herausgegeben von Dr. med.

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.08 L97


Spanish back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

Dr. Humphreys, F.

Mentor homeopatico de Humphreys, o Guia de las familias en el uso de la medicina especifica homeopática

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 H93 R3


Pathogenesias abreviadas de los medicamentos homeopáticos mas usuales, o, Exposición de los effectos que cada uno de ellos determina en el organismo sano

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.1 P31


Revista homeopática

Taubman Medical H610.5 R455 H75


French back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

Société médicale homœopathique de France

Bulletin de la Société médicale homœopathique de France

Taubman Medical H610.5 S678 M5b

Bonneval, Henry

Considérations sur l’homoeopathie : etudiée dans sa philosophie - dans ses principes - et dans les fait

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.53 B72

Jouanny, Jacques

The essentials of homeopathic materia medica

Taubman Medical RX601 .J86 x 1984


Italian back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number


L’Anemanno; giornale di medicina omiopatica.

Buhr Shelving Facility H610.5 A58


Archivio della medicina omiopatica

Taubman Medical H610.5 A673 M5

Hartlaub, Carl Georg Christian

Catechismo dell’ omeopatia, ossia breve e piana esposizione dei principii del metodo di cura omeopatico per i medici e non medici

Taubman Medical 615.53 H33 tB9 1855


Russian back to Pt. 1



Location and Call number

Solov’ev, Pavel V

DomashnƯiƯi lechebnik

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 S689d & FILM Me344(10)

Altschul, Elias

Gomeopathicheskīĭ domashnīĭ i dorozhnyĭ almanakh

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 A47h tB8 & FILM Me9(3)

Fellenberg-Ziegler, Ferdinand Albert von

Kratkoe gomeopaticheskoe liekarstvoviedisnǐe

Taubman Medical 

615.1 F32 tF5 & FILM Me75(2)

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