Strategic Directions and Objectives

Strategic Directions

Over the next five to seven years, we will:

  • explore new ways to support the whole lifecycle of scholarship
  • continuously evolve and reimagine user-centered services
  • continuously improve our physical and digital spaces
  • affirm our commitment to and rethink our definition of collections
  • cultivate a positive workplace climate, and a diverse and inclusive community
  • practice intentional and strategic planning

Strategic Objectives

In support of our strategic directions, over the next few years we will: 

  • continue to clarify and evolve our use of data for service improvement, analytics, and assessment, in alignment with our values
  • develop and implement a digital scholarship strategy
  • develop and implement coherent and discipline-appropriate open access strategies
  • continue to evolve our instruction programs
  • develop, cultivate, and support new publishing models
  • continue to evolve our approach to collection services
  • design and build a virtual library presence that prioritizes user-centered discovery, accessibility, and usability of content
  • make more visible what we offer to elevate campus awareness of our services, spaces, and collections
  • invest in individual growth, excellence in leadership, and positive organizational development
  • prepare for and transition to a new library services platform 
  • build a print preservation repository
  • implement digital preservation and access strategies that harmonize our repository services, repository technologies, policies, and commitments to long term preservation and access
  • continue to support the creation and maintenance of community-owned, interoperable infrastructure that uses open technologies and standards
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Last modified: 09/11/2019