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Jean Hamilton , Dean of Women, 1922-1927

Miss Jean Hamilton, of New York City, was appointed Dean of Women on June 28, 1922.  Since her graduation from Vassar she has been active in the organization of gilrs’ clubs and is at present Secretary of the National League of Girls’ Clubs

The Michigan Alumnus, August 10, 1922, page 1044




Miss Jean Hamilton resigned as Dean of Women in 1927, because of the very seriour illness of her mother in New York City.  Miss Hamilton has been on leave of absence from the University since last June.

Miss Hamilton came to the University as Dean of Women in 1922, succeeding Mrs. Myra B. Jordan, who is now Emeritus Dean of Women.

During Miss Hamilton’s absence the duties of the Dean of Women have been handled by three advisers of women, and this arrangement will be continued for the remainder of the year.

The Michigan Alumnus, 1927, Page 416


Quite An Innovation

In the absence of Miss Jean Hamilton,
former Dean of Women, who has
been granted a year's leave of absence,
a very interesting experiment in student management for University women is being worked out. The problems of the women students this year
will be handled by a committee of ad-
visors, consisting of Miss Alice Lloyd,
'16, Miss Beatrice Johnson, University
of Maine, '24, and Miss Grace Richards, who has been Assistant Dean of
Women for the past two years.
Norma Bicknell Mansfield, '26, is assistant advisor.

This arrangement will remove the
 responsibility from one person and
makes the decisions the agreement of
the committee.

For the first time in the history of
self-government at Michigan, all problems of rule violation will be brought
before a judiciary council composed
entirely of undergraduate women.
Members of the Advisory Committee
will help and suggest but will not be
present at the meetings of the Council.


The Michigan Alumnus, October 9, 1926, Page 14



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