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  • Detail from St. John's Bible.
    Saint John's Bible, Heritage Edition

    In 1998, Saint John's Abbey and University (Collegeville, Minnesota) commissioned world-renowned calligrapher Donald Jackson to produce a handwritten, hand-illuminated Bible. As artistic director of an international team of illuminators and calligraphers, working from his home in Wales, together with scholars in central Minnesota, Jackson spent more than a decade (2000–2011) completing the magnificent seven-volume Bible. Inspired by medieval scripts, Jackson designed an alphabet for the Bible, and the illuminations (160 spread over 1,150 pages) combined traditional themes and contemporary aesthetics. The Heritage Edition is a faithful reproduction of the original manuscript of the Saint John's Bible. The finest printers and binders were engaged to make sure that the highest standards were applied to every step of the process, including papermaking, imaging, printing, and binding.

    Creation, Donald Jackson, Copyright 2003. Gift of Carlos and Clara Quintanilla.

  • Galileo Manuscript

    This single-leaf manuscript is one of the great treasures of the U-M Library. It reflects a pivotal moment in Galileo's life that helped to change our understanding of the universe. As he viewed the skies on successive evenings in January, 1610, Galileo noticed several bright objects around Jupiter that changed position from night to night. On this page, he plotted their positions over the course of one week and realized that the objects were moons. This was the first observational data that showed objects orbiting a body other than the earth.

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