The Treatment of a Culpeper-Style English Microscope (ca. 1760)

The Story
One of our most undistinguished long-time residents at the Special Collections Library, a two-hundred year old louse, can be now seen through the lens of an eighteenth-century microscope, recently repaired by Tom Hogarth (Conservator Senior, Preservation & Conservation). The tale of this conservation work is available in the following video, including a music track conveniently called "Transparent."



The Music
Transparent, from 15 Etudes by Peter Rudenko
15 Etudes is licensed under a Creative Attribution License

The Collection
Three other historical microscopes from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have been repaired as well. These artifacts are part of the History of Medicine Collection held at the Special Collections Library. It consists of more than 6,000 medical works and artifacts, illustrating the history of healing and medical research, from late antiquity magical amulets to landmark discoveries of the twentieth century.


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