Miscellaneous Print and Manuscript Materials.

 About the Collection

This collections consists of printed and manuscript materials from the Philippines, mostly from the 1950s and 1960s.


  • Letter., Ed Landsdale to Henry L. Miller "about Roth's book."
  • Memos
    • "Operation Brotherhood" (2 pieces).
    • Hints for TV demonstration programs (1950s) [how to influence people]
  • Philippine Government (Confidential)
    • Order of Battle Bulletin, CPP and its HMB Army. Copy 22.
    • Weekly intelligence Report. Copy 60
    • Facts about HUKS-Know your Enemy for Armed Forces of the Philippines
    • Training manual for soldiers in fighting HUKS.
  • Leaflets (for plane drops)
    • 32, including one safe conduct pass, all in fine condition, except one. 
  • Conference, March 26, 27, 28 1962. US Army's Limited-War Mission and Social Science Research (This meeting was confidential)
    • Registration Form.
    • Schedule of events.
    • Special information sheets.
  • Handwritten talking points with accompanying material for some meeting about HUKS and insurgency.
  • 10 booklets (in English or Tagalog) and billboards about avoiding HUKS or staying loyal to Manila.
  • Pictorial
    • 3 Komiks (excellent condition) showing what happens to those who dally with HUKS or who the HUKS see as class enemies (content is grisly). 
    • 1 training comic in English "This man is AFTER You."

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