Mich. Ms. Leaf 2

Breviary. It contains passages from the Gospels and some of the readings traditionally included for the feast of the most Holy Trinity. Parchment Leaf, 320 x 230mm. Fourteenth Century. Italian Gothic Rotunda.


Matthew 13: 49-52: et separabunt malos de medio iustorum et mittent eos in caminum ignis ibit erit fletus...; Matthew 25. 1-13.


Introit. Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas, atque indivisa unitas: confitebimur ei, quia fecit nobiscum misericordiam suam. Collect of the most Holy Trinity; 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13; (Responsorium) Daniel 3: 55-58; Matthew 28: 18-20; John 15: 26-27.

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