2012-2013 MLibrary Undergraduate Student Research Award Winners

June 5, 2013

The University of Michigan Library is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012-2013 MLibrary Undergraduate Student Research Award.  In this third year of the award, the committee received fifty applications drawn from a full range of disciplines: humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering. We selected those projects that best presented the fullest and most innovative use of library resources. Choosing winners was not easy, and the author of each project we read has cause for pride. The applications as a whole testify to the abundance of diligence, intelligence, and originality that exists in the work being done by the University of Michigan's undergraduates, to the richness of the library's resources, and to the commitment of the University's professors and librarians to undergraduate learning. The winning projects of this year's award are extraordinary achievements in themselves, but they are also representative of the vibrant intellectual life at the University of Michigan.
Maize Award for Single-Term Projects
First Place ($1,000):    Elizabeth Yu - Optimism/Pessimism and Future Orientation in Predicting Depressive Symptoms and Suicide Behavior in Primary Care Adults
Second Place ($500):   Frank Sedlar - Engineering Industrial Architecture: Albert Kahn and the Trussed Concrete Steel Company
Third Place ($250):      Andrew Tuck - The Rise of Osteopathic Medicine in the United States: A Foucauldian Perspective
Blue Award for Multi-Term Projects
First Place ($1,000):     Jennifer Xu - Hollowed Out: The Traumatized Flesh of W.G. Sebald's Prose Fictions
Second Place ($500):    Laura Torp - “So Strange Things So Probably Told”: Epistemic Consequences of Scientific Discourse in Lunar Travel Narratives
Third Place ($250):       Stephanie  Berger - Treating Bones: The Intersection of Archaeology And Conservation

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