Search Strategy Generator

Do you have a research topic and need to find some sources for your paper or project? This generator will help you break down your search topic into the most relevant keywords and will help you make use of the boolean terms AND & OR, as well as quotation marks, to refine your search.


  1. Research Topic

    Enter one sentence that describes your research topic.

  2. Key Concepts

    Break your search topic into the words and phrases that are most important to your search. Add each as a Keyword in a Concept.

  3. Generate Search

    When all your concepts are entered click the Generate Search button. This will give you an effective search phrase to use in the Mirlyn catalog, ArticlesPlus or databases like ProQuest.

  4. Search

    After you generate your search strategy the Search Mirlyn and Search ArticlesPlus buttons will appear.


  • Colleges should pay for future health insurance for athletes because they sustain serious injuries while they are in school
  • Physical Education and Art Programs should be required for all schools in the U.S.
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