Photo of Recording Booth interior.

Recording Booth

Room 1315, Duderstadt Center (inside GroundWorks)
2281 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 647-5739 (p)
The Recording Booth, located inside GroundWorks, provides a high-quality, sound-insulated space for recording. The Booth is designed for easy voice over recording for video, podcasts, and performances. The room is also large enough to accommodate small acoustic instruments as well. The room is available to those who have completed the Digital Media Commons Orientation.

The Recording Booth includes a microphone and small HD video camera which will allow you to record in a variety of different programs, including:

  • QuickTime Pro
  • GarageBand
  • Soundtrack Pro
  • Logic Pro
  • Camtasia

Reserve the Recording Booth

Trained users can reserve the booth for up to four hours at a time through our online reservation system

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