For questions about:

The Department of Preservation and Conservation and its services:
Contact Shannon Zachary (szachary@umich.edu), (734) 763-6980

A damaged library book:
Bring to circulation staff; they will route the item to Preservation.

Locating a book designated on Library Catalog Search as "at Book Repair":
Book Repair, (734) 763-2446

Locating a book designated on Library Catalog Search as "at Bindery":
Be patient! It should be back on the shelf in four-six weeks.
Call (734) 764-5282 or email John (jochne@umich.edu)

Items listed as "in Preservation" in Library Catalog Search:
Check shelf. If the book is not on the shelf, seek a copy via Interlibrary Loan, (734) 764-8584

The Digital Conversion Unit (DCU) (734) 936-2289

For all other queries, including:

  • Securing help for wet library books
  • Borrowing dehumidifiers and fans to dry out stack areas after a water leak or flood
  • Purchasing acid-free envelopes, boxes, and other preservation supplies for library collections
  • Environmental monitoring in a library collection
  • Personal books that are damaged; care of home library
  • Training and career opportunities in library preservation

Contact Shannon Zachary (szachary@umich.edu), (734) 763-6980

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Last modified: 06/28/2018