PictureIt Rare Book Reader Acknowledgements

University of Michigan
Special Collections Library
Project Leads - John Williams, Catherine Soehner
Animation and Software Developer - Eric Maslowski
Animation Assistant - Lilienne Chan
Deployment Consultant - John Weise
Gallery Installation - Melissa Levine, Karen Jordan
University Library Web Systems Manager - Ken Varnum
Website Assistant - Sara Henry

National Library of Medicine
We are grateful to George Thoma, Michael Chung, and Glenn Pearson at the National Library of Medicine who generously shared their experiences and expertise at the beginning of the U-M Project.  NLM was also very generous in sharing the files from one of their implementations as background information.

University of Pittsburgh
Images used in the U-M Turn the Pages Audubon's Birds of America were created by the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh from its original Audubon's Birds of America.  We are very grateful to the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh for providing us with these images for our use in this project.

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