PDA Committees

Executive Committee

Mike Ashenfelder, Library of Congress

Howard Besser, Moving Image Archiving and Preservation, NYU

Nick Krabbenhoeft, Educopia Institute

Alicia Kubes, Moving Image Archiving and Preservation, NYU

Marie Lascu, Activist Archivists

Bill Lefurgy, Library of Congress (Retired)

Cinda May, Indiana State University

Charles Ransom, University of Michigan

Rufus de Rham, Film Society of Lincoln Center

Lance Stuchell, University of Michigan

Jeff Ubois, MacArthur Foundation

Program Committee 

Smiljana Antonijevic, Penn State University 

Megan Barnard, University of Texas

Jarrett Drake, Princeton University

Alexandre Garcia, International Committee of the Red Cross

Stephen Griffin, University of Pittsburg 

Donald Hawkins, Author

Jeremy John, British Library

Lori Kendall, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cal Lee, University of North Carolina

Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information

Charles Ransom, University of Michigan

Morris (Dino) Robinson, Shorefront

Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig, Smithsonian Institution Archives 

Michael Shallcross, University of Michigan 

Lance Stuchell, University of Michigan

Zach Vowell, California Polytechnic

Judith Zissman, Independent Consultant

PDA 2016 Planning Committee 

Bryan Birchmeier, University of Michigan Library

Paul Conway, University of Michigan School on Information

Shevon Desai, University of Michigan Library

Julie Herrada, University of Michigan Library

Athena Jackson, Penn State University Libraries 

Charles Ransom (Co-Chair), University of Michigan Library 

Michael Shallcross, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan

Lance Stuchell (Co-Chair), University of Michigan Library


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Last modified: 06/14/2018