Access and Use Policies

Project status update, July 2012: The process of identifying orphan works from the specified period (that is, works published in the US between 1923-1963) continues. There are no plans to provide access to these works.

Access and use for Orphan Work Candidates on the 90-day list and those identified as Orphan Works is as follows. Please see the HathiTrust access and use policy for general information.

Orphan Work Candidates: Protected by copyright law (which includes certain exceptions to the rights of the copyright holder that users may make, such as fair use where applicable under U.S. law). In the absence of an applicable exception, no further reproduction or distribution is permitted by any means without the permission of the copyright holder.

Orphan Works: Access is provided for the purpose of reading for the same people with the right to check out these works from the Library's print collection for scholarly and educational purposes. Readers are reminded that the books are subject to copyright and that the library is providing access for the purpose of reading the titles as an exercise of fair use under 17 USC 107. Further use may or may not be permitted by law; readers must make their own assessment of the legal implications of any subsequent use.

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