From General Library to Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

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The Old Library 1881-1918

The Organic Act of March 18, 1837, established the University of Michigan. In the same Act, provisions for the establishment of a library were made. $1 of each student's tuition was appropriated for the increase of the library. In-State tuition was $10 per student per academic year.

In 1841, the Regents approved the library regulations:

  • Library would be open once a week
  • Faculty approvals were necessary for students to check out materials
  • Fines should be paid for overdue books
  • Only two books could be borrowed at a time

In 1905, the student borrowing privileges were finally established.

In 1856, the North Wing of the University Building was remodeled and the University’s Library and Museum are installed. Before that, the books were stored in various locations including the Law Building and in faculty member’s homes.

In 1863 the library moves to the Law Building, where it remains for 20 years. Finally in 1883, the Regent approves the construction of a new building for the Library.