Library of Latin Texts - Series A (LLT-A)

Alternative Titles
Library of Latin Texts - Series A
CETEDOC Library of Christian Latin Texts (CLCLT)
Corpus Christianorum
Bibliotheca scriptorum Romanorum Teubneriana

The Library of Latin Texts – Series A is the world’s leading database for Latin texts. In total, the present version of the LLT-A contains over 63 million Latin words, drawn from more than 3,200 works that are attributed to approximately 950 authors. The texts which are incorporated are selected by virtue of their having been edited according to best contemporary scholarly practice. Independent research is undertaken to verify facts relating to the text, such as the veracity of the authorial attribution or the dating. In addition, errors in word-forms from the printed version are corrected.

Literature from Antiquity: The first chronological part of the database comprises the entire corpus of Latin literature from Classical Antiquity up to the second century A.D. (opera omnia of Plautus, Terence, Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Titius-Livius, the Senecas, the two Plinys, Tacitus, Quintilian and the others). The texts from this section come essentially from the Bibliotheca scriptorum Romanorum Teubneriana / Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina 1.

Literature from Patristic Authors: The second chronological part of the database comprises the patristic Latin literature that starts around 200 C.E./A.D. with Tertullian and ends with the death of the Venerable Bede in 735. It offers the complete works of important patristic writers such as Ambrose, Augustine, Ausonius, Cassian, Cyprian, Gregory the Great, Jerome, Marius Victorinus, Novatian, Paulinus of Nola, Prudentius, Tertullian and many rich corpora of authors such as Cassiodorus, Isidore and Bede. It also contains non-Christian literature of that period such as Ammianus Marcellinus, the Scriptores Historiae Augustae, Claudian, Macrobius, or Martianus Capella.

Literature from the Middle Ages (736-1500): The medieval literature in the database comprises Latin literature after 735 and includes a large number of texts up to 1500. This part of the database includes the complete works of many medieval authors such as Anselm of Canterbury, Beatus of Liebana, Bernard of Clairvaux, William of St. Thierry, Sedulius Scottus, Thomas a Kempis, Thomas of Celano. It also includes the Sentences and the Commentaries on the Pauline epistles of Peter Lombard, the Rationale of Guillaume Durand and important works by Abelard, Bonaventure, Ramon Llull, Thomas Aquinas, William of Ockham and so forth. The texts from patristic and medieval sections come essentially from the Corpus Christianorum series.

Neo-Latin Literature (1501-1965): This part of the database already contains over 2 million words and will continue to develop. It includes, for instance, the decrees from the modern ecumenical Church councils up to Vatican II, sixteenth century translations into Latin of important medieval works and works of Lawrence of Brindisi.

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