Chicago Tribune, 1849-1990

Alternative Titles
Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago Daily Press and Tribune
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chicago Tribune, PQHN: CT, Chi Trib

Searchable access to the backfile of the Chicago Tribune newspaper from the first issue in 1849 through the December 31st issue of 23 years ago.  (One year of additional content from 23 years ago is added annually.)  Reproduces the complete full text of every issue in its original printed form, in full page images digitized from microfilm.

Note:  For searchable access to the full text of the Chicago Tribune from 1989 to the present, use ProQuest Newsstand.  For combined searchable access to the complete backfile from 1849 up through today's issue, use ProQuest News & Current Events.  For full image access for issues from 2008 to the present, use ProQuest Digital Microfilm (2008 up to two months ago) or Library PressDisplay (last 60 days only).


Article Index
1849* - 1990 *Includes only seven issues published before December 1, 1852; no copies of missing issues survive.
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