AFI (American Film Institute) Catalog


A national filmography documenting the history of American cinema, covering the years 1893-1975 comprehensively, with additional full or short records for films from 1976-present.  Created by specialist staff at the American Film Institute (AFI).  Includes detailed descriptions of every American motion picture either produced in the United States or sponsored and financed by American companies that is 40 minutes or longer in duration, or 4 reels or longer in length.  Also includes descriptions of over 17,000 short films (those less than 40 minutes or 4 reels) from the first era of filmmaking, 1893–1910.  

Completed descriptions for each film include full production and cast information as well as extensive plot summaries, notes, filming locations, thematic subject headings, and citations to reviews and articles in industry periodicals.  Descriptions of films since 1976 are gradually being completed and records for new films added by the AFI editorial team each year.  Includes completed descriptions for AFI's Top 10 films (recipients of the AFI Top Ten Movies of the Year Awards) for each year from 2000-present.

1893 - present.
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