Evans Early American Imprint Collection - Text Creation Partnership (Evans-TCP)

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Early American Imprints. Series I. Evans TCP

The University of Michigan, NewsBank/Readex Co., and the American Antiquarian Society are cooperating in a Text Creation Partnership to create 6,000 accurately keyed and fully searchable SGML/XML text editions from among the 40,000 titles available in the Evans Early American Imprints Collection. Evans is the most significant collection of titles relating to the history of seventeenth and eighteenth century America, and the Text Creation Partnership seeks to create enduring digital text editions of the most frequently studied works.

The Evans collection consists of the works represented in the American Bibliography by Charles Evans which trace the history of the American colonies that would eventually become the United States. The corpus covers topics as diverse as temperance, witchcraft, slavery, diplomacy and music. The 40,000 works of the Evans corpus is a mainstay for understanding the development of Western culture in general and the Anglo-American world in particular.

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