Index of Medieval Art

Alternative Titles
Index of Christian Art
Index to Christian Art

Formerly known as the Index of Christian Art

Provides subject and iconographic access to approximately 200,000 images and data from the “Long Middle Ages,” from early apostolic times until the sixteenth century in seventeen different media. Began as a resource for the stuy of early Christian art, but now sets its parameters more broadly "including works from multiple medieval faith traditions as well as secular imagery." 

"Although the collection’s emphasis has been on the art of western Europe and Byzantium, we have recently added significant holdings from Coptic Egypt, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Syria, Armenia, and the Near East. The term 'Christian' as [formerly] used in our title is broadly construed and not restricted to art produced in ecclesiastical contexts, but includes many other subjects such as mythological scenes, personifications, symbolic animals, and more."

"The database is both text and image although some works of art may not have an accompanying image. Approximately thirty percent of the images, due to copyright laws, are restricted for public use and cannot be accessed by the public subscriber. To compensate for this every effort is made to include, where possible, a bibliographic reference which will include a published image of the work and this can be consulted outside of the electronic resource."


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100 - 1599 A.D.
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