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A collection of over 28,000 electronic books on all topics, mostly published between 1990 and 2005 (though some titles were published as long ago as 1913 and a few were published as recently as 2010).  Includes 800+ electronic editions of computer manuals, reference books, and other books placed on course reserve at the U-M Ann Arbor University Library.  Permits reading of book cover-to-cover online, browsing books by topic, searching within and across books, and printing of up to 60 pages of a book at a time.  Books can be downloaded using the free Adobe Digital Editions software to devices supporting Adobe ebook DRM, including iPad, iPhone, Soney eReader, and Nook. These books were formerly available through the NetLibrary interface.

Full text of assorted books published since 1913. (Mostly published 1990-2005.)
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