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The University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and Gale (part of Cengage Learning) have cooperated in a Text Creation Partnership to make freely available 2,231 accurately keyed and fully searchable SGML/XML text editions from among the 150,000 titles available in the Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) database. ECCO is an important research database that includes every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom during the 18th century, along with thousands of important works from the Americas. ECCO contains more than 32 million pages of text and over 205,000 individual volumes, all fully searchable. ECCO is published by Gale, part of Cengage Learning.

The ECCO collection consists of the works represented in the English Short Title Catalogue between 1701 and 1800. The corpus contains a diverse number of materials including not only books and broadsides but also Bibles, tract books, sermons, and printed printed ephemera by many well-known and lesser-known authors. The 150,000 works of the ECCO corpus captures the essence of the Enlightenment in Great Britain, and is essential in order to understand the context of the French, Industrial, and American Revolutions.

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