MarketLine Advantage

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MarkeLine Business Information Center

This database is comprised of 4 major components: 1) 10,000+ Company Profiles (includes company overviews, business descriptions, company history, executive listings, and product listings); 2) 2,000+ Industry Profiles (includes 5-year historical and 5-year market forecasts, market segmentations, company/product market shares, major trends/growth points and analysis of each market's competitive landscape); 3) 50+ Country Profiles (includes a description of the country's economic performance and GDP, an assessment of the potential for development, and a detailed market and industry analysis of the country's business environment); 4) News & Comment (Datamonitor analysts' reaction to breaking industry news, including merger and acquisition activity, product launches and regulatory changes, and insight into how these issues will impact both companies and consumers). Use Policy: When using material from this database in reports and presentations, vendor contract requirements dictate that you must include the phrase, "Used with permission of (name of database)."

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