The Kashmiri Paippalada Recension of the Atharvaveda  

This ancient birch-bark manuscript from Kashmir was probably made in the beginning of the 16th century AD, but preserves a text which is thousands of years older, probably from around 900 BC. The Atharvaveda came to be known as one of the four Indian Vedas and was and is one of the most significant and influential ancient Indian texts. This manuscript is one of the few surviving versions of this text and thus ranks among the most significant world heritage documents.

This manuscript is kept at the Tubingen University Library as two catalog items (Ma I 421 and Ma I 422). Ma I 421 consists of eight volumes (Ma I 421, 1-8), Ma I 422 is a single volume. Online, each volume may be explored independently. The first folio of each volume is displayed in the search results. The full image view provides a menu for navigating the volume's complete set of folios.

Browsing is the best approach to using the Atharvaveda images since there is only limited searchable text available.

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