ARKIVOC: The Archive for Organic Chemistry

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ARKIVOC, the free, online journal devoted to all aspects of organic chemistry, commenced publication in 2000. Since then, the journal has expanded from two commemorative issues and a total of 90 papers to seventeen issues comprising eight commemorative or special, one Reviews and Accounts and eight general with a total of 371 papers in 2008.

The fundamental policy of the journal and its parent organization (ARKAT USA) is the publication of sound, peer-reviewed, scientific information completely free of charge to both authors and readers. The latter aspect was designed especially to benefit scientists in developing countries and hence to promote the basic human rights of equality of opportunity and education. The success of this policy and the journal as a whole is reflected in the impact factor which has increased from a starting point of 0.4 (2003) to 1.37 for 2008.

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