Liberation Movement in Africa and African America

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Archives Unbound

Digital archive of 11,513 pages that documents the FBIs surveillance of the African Liberation Support Committee (ALSC) and the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (A-ARPR) from 1970-1985. A variety of materials comprise this collection, including:

  • FBI surveillance and informant reports and correspondence from a variety of offices including, NYC, Baltimore, New Haven, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, Newark, Kansas City, and Cleveland.
  • Intercepted correspondence
  • Ephemera from NGO support groups 
  • Justice Department memoranda, correspondence, and analyses
  • Newsclippings and articles
  • Copies of handbills, pamphlets, and newsletters
  • Witness statements
  • Extremist Intelligence Section reports
  • Domestic Intelligence Division reports and memoranda
  • Transcriptions of wiretaps, typewriter tapes, and coded messages
  • Speech excerpts
  • Transcripts of conversations

Source Library: Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters Library

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