Records of the Persian Gulf War

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This archive consists of documents from several White House Office of Records Management Subject File categories and the Staff and Office Files. They chronicle the Bush White House’s response to the political and military crises in the Persian Gulf:

  • White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File categories contains correspondence, memoranda, news clippings, and brochures from the general public, Congress, and the Bush administration
  • WHORM Subject File categories CO072 and CO083 contain documents concerning Iraq and Kuwait, respectively
  • Another large segment related to this subject is WHORM Subject File National Defense ND016 (Persian Gulf War)
  • Staff and Office Files contain correspondence, memoranda, and publications maintained by individual staff members and offices

A significant amount of material consists of files of the National Security Council (NSC). These documents deal with topics such as:

  • the inspection and elimination of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction
  • diplomatic efforts to create the Gulf Coalition
  • U.S. policy towards Iraq prior to the conflict
  • U.S. efforts to assist Kurdish refugees
  • military operations in the Persian Gulf Theatre

The archive includes 49,569 pages, created in 1990-1991 and sourced from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library.


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